Deliver, and
Control Access
To Your Documents!

  • Simple web-based interface.
  • Email documents without attachments.
  • Users have instant access to the files they need.
  • You control how long a file stays in your system and who can access it.
  • Auditing & document tracking features.
  • Assign administrators who can have access anywhere, and at anytime.

Document Management Software

Document Management Problems?
File Management Problems?

Make Your Business Productive, Secure and Compliant with the EFM Document Management and Distribution Solution

Are we a Smart Managment Document Software System ??? 

The answer to this questions which many of you have asked will be revealed very shortly; please keep reading.

Securely distribute large data files locally or online in just seconds with Electronic File Management (EFM), the Document Management System from JMOR. This easy-to use solution enables users to access files from any location, offering a cost-effective and secure platform to meet all of your document management needs.

Our EFM software makes it easy to give clients, colleagues and customers access to a wide range of documents while ensuring that certain files are only visible to specified parties. Unlike network file shares, this customized, proprietary document management solution lets your company:

  • Upload, download and distribute multiple types of files
  • Assign document permissions to bolster security
  • Retain or delete files according to regulatory standards
  • Send and receive data instantly from any location
  • Guarantee files are properly organized
  • Transform paper documents into electronic formats
  • Conduct a comprehensive document search
  • Automate document management tasks
  • Monitor all functions from one interface
  • Manage simple or complex task with just a few clicks
  • Save time and money throughout your organization


The Only Document Management Software Your Business Needs


This innovative document management system serves small- and large-scale organizations in all industries. Manufacturers, contractors and dealerships can upload manuals and schematics for distribution to field teams. Doctors, lawyers, accountants can make their applications and forms instantly available to clients. Licenses are available based on the individual options your organization needs.

In short, the EFM Document Management and Distribution System ensures that your digital documents will always be secure, while remaining easily accessible and automatically organized with just a few clicks.



See How Easy It Is to Solve All of Your Document Management Issues

Learn more about the features of our EFM Document Management & File Distribution Software, read testimonials from satisfied customers or schedule a free demonstration in your office today!  Contact us today to learn more about Electronic File Management, or request an appointment for a demonstration of what EFM can do for your company, enterprise, or organization.  It's the document management and distribution solution you've been looking for!

Software:  When we think of software we think of a disk, CD-ROM or a downloadable file that one installs onto a computer, network server, etc but what is it.  Software in English are instructions your computer will use to perform a specific task such as word processing, e-mail etc. 

Challenges with Software: 

1)  You have tofirst get the disk, media or download a file before you can install what we call software

2)  You need to have the correct hardware to support it and then configure it

3)  You have to Follow lots of complicated instructions to get it to work; or may not function properlyl



The Question you all have been waiting for is EFM (Electronic File Management Software); and the answer is no, we have our appliance which EFM's system is deployed on to make the setup as easy as 1-2-3.

Just plug in our box to your UPS or 110 Outlet, then your network connection, and you will be up in running wiht just a few clicks.very shortly

Our Smart Document Delivery and Tracking System was designed to be powerful, flexible and of course easy to use.


Did we mention that we are US Based with real live people to provide support in easy to understand English. What's more with us we can even help you remotely.

In fact our team of developers have spent days incorporating systems to mitigate your down time and also correct any unlikely problems that may occur quickly efficiently and professionaly.



Attention Managers!  Tell us about your most important document management issues by paricipating in our survey.  You can help us to make EFM serve you even better than it does today.



EFM New Release Comming Soon!!!

JMOR continues to enhance their EFM document management software. We have listened to your feedback and

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We heard you: New Definitions Section

Starting today; we have begin to post commonly asked questions.

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